Since childhood Daniëlle has had a love for fashion and magazines. With a curious eye she looks into the world, always trying to catch the beauty in everything. She fell in love with the editing of fashion 6 years ago while assisting various stylists at the Dutch VOGUE. After freelancing and assisting for almost 3 years she joined GLAMOUR Netherlands for 2.5 years; great joy, knowledge, development and experience followed.  Since then her passion and signature gracefully unfolded. She is not only a Fashion Stylist but she is also a producer at heart. She currently works as a freelance Stylist/Fashion Editor. Daniëlle finds inspiration through traveling, meeting new people, practicing yoga and taking a curious step into the unknown with all the stardust that crosses her path. Her unique eye for the world, the people and the beauty that surrounds us is ready to collab with you!

Always be curious.